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About Luani Old

I am a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice in Fellside, Johannesburg. I work from a Psychodynamic Orientation, and provide individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. Therapy duration, i.e. longer term or brief term, is usually decided on during collaboration with clients, based on client needs. My areas of particular interest include body/mind connection, sexual difficulties, personality disorders, depression and anxiety, bereavement and trauma (also adults who have survived childhood trauma). I work with adults, couples and families.

Some Background and Context

I am a clinical psychologist working in private practice. I obtained my MA Clinical Psychology at the University of Pretoria, and wrote my dissertation on the subject of body-mind connection as viewed from a Psychodynamic Perspective. Since then, the ways our emotions and thinking can influence our bodies (and the manifestation of illness) have been a topic of particular interest in my work.

I provide psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and couples. Depending on the client and their particular needs, therapy is offered on both long term and short term basis. I work flexible hours (time-slots available after hours and Saturdays), and try to accommodate clients so that they can invest in their psychological well-being without it adding unnecessary extra pressure in juggling their daily duties and responsibilities. My practice is situated in Waverley, and clients can expect to be welcomed into a quiet, homely atmosphere.

I pay particular attention to how clients perceive and describe their world, and how this may affect their emotional health, their behaviour and physical body. I believe that we all learn to employ adaptive measures during childhood to help us cope with the difficulties of growing up. However, in the process of maturation, some of our adaptive measures become outdated, and they do not serve us effectively any longer. It is at this point that difficulties become more pronounced, and when one would seek consultation with a professional to build more adaptive ways of coping (or seeking more balance in one’s life). Through regular and consistent psychotherapy sessions, the aim is to assist clients in getting to know themselves better, becoming aware of the choices they make, and aligning with their true, authentic selves.

My areas of special interest and specialisation include:
• body-mind connection (e.g. symptoms that do not respond well to medical intervention)
• sexual difficulties, sexual trauma, and sexual disorders
• personality disorders
• trauma (both current and past unresolved trauma)
• life cycle adjustments
• identity issues
• bereavement and dealing with loss
• past unresolved childhood difficulties
• relationship difficulties
• conflict, assertiveness and self-esteem issues